A Digital Toolkit for Health

Designed for the busy workforce, connect2FIT is an accessible, relevant, engaging approach to FITness and wellness that activates an interest in nutrition, exercise and stress management to promote and maintain a healthier lifestyle and/or mitigate the negative effects of chronic health conditions.

Our proven FITness and nutrition-based programs, promote a healthier, happier, more resilient and productive workforce.

Our Framework for Health

Inspiring healthy habits, connect2FIT follows the structure of your work-life schedule, from early morning workouts and breakfast ideas to work breaks that combat computer posture to quick and healthy dinners and sleep meditations.

  • A pleasant, inviting and non-intimidating experience for employees who must fit FITness into their stress-filled workdays
  • A wealth of resources that are specifically structured to readily accommodate this busy employee population
  • Makes FITness do-able for everyone, every day.

Healthy Employees, Better Business

At the core of good health are the lifestyle habits we form at home and at work. Designed with the busy employee in mind, connect2FIT shows employees that healthy living is do-able at home, at work — and in small chunks of time.

Built for the busy employee.

Activities designed to be under 30 minutes (5-30) and structured around the work day.

Curated wellness activities that meet your needs.

Navigate the resources as easily as you navigate your day.

Addressing chronic conditions.

Modules to help chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart health and content that combats health issues plaguing the workforce, like carpal tunnel and low back pain.

Our Approach to Wellness

Created for the healthy or chronically ill, we strive to provide a path to wellness for all employees.


Rather than asking your employees to overhaul their entire diet, each of our Eat programs focuses on one simple nutritional change that can be sustained over time.


From learning effective desk stretches for improved posture to integrating resistance band work for lean muscle, our programs are easy to implement and easy to do.


These programs teach your employees how to evoke their relaxation response at work, at home, and in the moment.


Ease your high-risk employees into healthy living with behavioral tools specific to their condition whether it’s diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

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