Episode 09 Clean Eating for Your Health and Beverages

Welcome back to FIT and episode 9, Clean Eating for YOUR Health …let me change that a bit. Actually, we should call today’s episode Clean Drinking for your Health and how consuming healthy, clean beverages can support the FIT plan for life that you have or will create.

Did you know… Beverages make up approximately 22% of the total daily calories we in America drink? Basically, if you walk away from today’s podcast episode remembering nothing else…. What you choose to drink can have a huge impact on not just your health, but also your weight.

It really is the synergy between the following: eat. (nutrition) move. (exercise) breathe. (mindfulness) AND what works for the person making lifestyle changes.

Here’s what you can expect on today’s episode:

  1. Beverages that DON’T support your health
  2. Diet drinks
  3. Fruit juices
  4. Clean, healthy beverage choices
  5. Alcohol
  6. Action steps for incorporating cleaner choices for drinks

So, what kind of drinks do you think you need/should get rid of immediately? Well, hold your conclusion…let’s break it down, sip by sip.

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