Create a Healthy Workforce with Our Wellness Solutions

Whether you are a human resource professional tasked with developing your company’s wellness programs or an insurance broker advising clients on wellness or a wellness company seeking to partner, our activities-based programs range from one day experiences to multi-year strategic plans.

Our Solutions

Wellness Events

For the company seeking a one-off wellness experience for specific, customizable needs.

  • bliss – a pampering experience for stressed employees
  • FIT day – interactive signature wellness fair stations
  • FIT family – parents and kids exercise side-by-side
  • Serenity – a yoga-inspired experience bringing serenity to cancer survivors and families
  • FIT band – signature workouts using exercise bands for core, strength, posture, seniors and cancer recovery

Seasonal Campaigns

For the company seeking seasonal, digital challenges that FIT within a specific time frame.

We offer twelve turnkey, scalable campaigns including walking, nutrition, stress management, FITness and weight loss.

Outcomes-Based Programs

For the company seeking a complete, outcomes-based wellness program, including health assessments, program planning and data analytics.

We build lasting relationships

Positive Feedback from Our Clients

It was the perfect break, time wise to de-stress. It is hard to get away during a work day for longer than 10-15mins. I loved the aromatherapy, music, chocolate/tea - BLISS is the best way to describe it!

bliss Participant

FIT day provided us with great tips for better health, but above all, it gave us a chance to get out of our usual office environment to do something fun with our peers.

FIT day Participant

I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for an amazing night! You were all rock stars at the event tonight. I had so many parents come up to me and say thank you for such a great and fun event!

FIT family Participant

It was a nice break in the day and a good opportunity to de-stress conveniently a time to relax, the diffused lavender, dim lighting, etc.

bliss Participant

Really gave me some good ideas/options for stretching my neck and shoulders at work plus I plan to incorporate a few moves into my morning workout on an exercise ball.

FIT day Participant

We have an amazing number of “guys” participating in the yoga classes because it makes their backs feel better.

FIT band Workshop Particpant

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